Testimonies – How Has God Impacted Your Life?

Testimonies – How Has God Impacted Your Life?

Erica Bailey – 10/10/2022 – Hi Gary! I loved your message, and so nice to hear your voice after so many years. Your story about Johnny had me in tears. God bless your long, inspirational walk with the Father.  💖 Thank you for sharing.

Susan – 4/29/2022 – I listened to a couple of your sermons a few weeks ago. You are very blessed with the gift of speech. I will go back and listen to more. God Bless your ministry to those incarcerated. Many years ago, you gave me a CD, “Pride”. Excellent 🙏💖

Shirley – 7/2/2021 – Have to tell you- YOU are all my brother James and I are listening too!! WE LOVE ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES!!!! ALL OF THEM!!! My brother can’t read so he is really enjoying the CD’s!! Thank you

Christine – 6/30/2021 –  I have listened to all your CDs, some of them 2-3 times, I find them very motivating to tell other people about Jesus. They have been a blessing to me and wanted you to know. 

Jill – 3/19/2021 – What a beautiful Podcast site! Very user friendly and I love your messages that are so from the heart.

Nate’s Testimony – 1/12/2021 – Listened to your Podcast the other day. Glad to hear you’re still spreading the word! You are an inspiration to me and a soldier for God!

John’s Testimony – 1/2/2021 – Happy New Year! Just visited “Set-Free” and enjoyed listening to Talks Cheap.  The site is laid out well and easy to navigate.  I’m going to spread the word at church and with friends.  I think it’s a great resource especially during stressful times. Thanks for sharing your faith and strength with us.

Ryan’s Testimony – 12/29/2020 – I have insomnia and I’m unable to sleep, so rather than just lay there or get on Facebook to help people in the support groups I’m in, I listened to two of your messages that I relate to well. One is what we were discussing the other day, “Talk Is Cheap”, and the other is “Your Story”. I definitely have a heck of a story, and I used to talk the talk, but never walked the walk unless it was what the devil wanted me to do. I didn’t realize that at the time though, I thought it was just me having fun. All I was doing was walking in circles and wasting my life and destroying my chances of eternal life in heaven. You’re right, there aren’t many men or women walking the walk anymore. I know, I was definitely one of the statistics. As we discussed, I changed that a few years ago and have been growing since. The main difference is, I used to live for the “now” and now I try to live for the afterlife and do Gods will on earth. I just do it differently than preaching the word, as I feel we all have our own calling. I let my life experience do the talking and let people see how living more for God than themselves can spark real change in them as well. Since my past was so dark and many knew me, I felt like people would think I was a hypocrite if I discussed God at all, because many people don’t think one can truly change. I’m living proof that one can change. Living right, praying daily for the Lord to use you any way he sees fit to do his will in order help his children, and being cognizant of your actions, are a few things that can cause “real” change. Of course, I fail at times as we all do, and fall short of the glory of the Lord, but I won’t let it stop me from picking myself back up and praying for forgiveness and continuing my journey of helping others. I’m far from perfect, but I give myself whenever I see an opportunity. Just as you say, you never want people to think you’re gloating, I also don’t want that. I just want people to see that if a man like me can change and see how God has worked in my life, he can do the same in theirs. The only way for people to see it is to share your story. Negative minds “Lucifer’s servants”, just perceive it as gloating or that you think you’re holier than thou. Real change takes lots of will and determination and letting go of vices. You can’t live two lives and think God just doesn’t see, and that was me all along. As I discussed with you, I don’t sit in church, and don’t read the Bible nearly enough, but I do believe I have a strong relationship with the Lord. I feel it’s just as strong as any pastor out there. He and I have been through a lot together. I’ve lived some very traumatic experiences, and I feel it was only so I could help others out who are either going through or headed towards those same experiences. The experiences I’m referring to, are ones which can cause many to give up or stay on that path to hell. I use my “real” life experience in order for others to decide to travel the road less traveled and avoid some of the huge roadblocks that I faced. I feel the Lord working through me and I give myself for him to do so willingly and abundantly. Sorry for the lengthy text, I just wanted to share it with you. Thanks for the messages brother. I hope you guys are doing well. You’ll always be considered an angel sent from God to help me, and that’s one of the reasons I’ll always have love in my heart for you. God bless you and Nancy! 

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